Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I don't care who you are...

...this is GOOD!

Photo taken at this months raw food class - yum!

***Updated to include name of the recipe book used for ~V~***

They use different books every time. This week was Dining in the Raw by Rita Romano There were tons of recipes and they all looked easy and delicious!


~ V ~ said...

Are they using a particular (un)cookbook for the class? I've been vegetarian my whole life, and mostly vegan for the past few years. I was starting to experiment with raw until I got pregnant and that went out the window. I started craving stuff like scrambled eggs, lol.

Dy said...

That does look yummy. I couldn't help but think those mushrooms need a little cooking, then I saw the part about it being a "raw" foods class. Ohhhhh, yeah, that would make sense.